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Are you looking for zero waste consumption for your wedding/ event/company?

Do you want to be one of our wholesale partners?

Are you ready to embrace an earth-friendly and plastic free future?

As a professional hotelier, restaurateur, caterer, event planner, or retailer, you have the power to help eradicate plastic consumption and reduce harmful waste. 50% of plastics in the hospitality industry are single-use, and 15% percent of that is deemed unnecessary. Terra Mavi products are sustainable alternatives to plastic and appeal to everyone [1 ABPCO, 30 Oct 2018].

We believe that together we can build a more conscious, plastic-free future. Kickstart your sustainability goals today by discovering the benefits of switching to TerraMavi.




By choosing us we commit these benefits:

  • Our premium quality bamboo and hay straws, and coconut bowls are 100% sustainable, compostable, and at a competitive price.

  • We meet European standards for quality, hygiene, and safety.

  • We commit to supply chain transparency from A to Z, from harvest and ethical production to design, delivery, and disposal of the product.

  • We offer customized orders with premium quality laser engraving.

  • We will promote your freshly adopted sustainability practices across our social platforms and will provide visual branding for your venue to showcase them.

  • You will choose an ethical company while serving and saving nature

  • Our excellent, customer-friendly service.

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